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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"


it wasway better then the first and i wiped out south pasific!!! w00t~


I liked the original Pandemic. It was fun. I like the new ideas in this one, like the race for the cure and the ability to hinder the cure's progress. Here are the things I don't like:

Countries find the cure way too fast, especially when the virus isn't even there. It is more often than not impossible to infect a country before it develops a cure.

The virus upgrades are so uninteresting. I liked the specific upgrades that increased the infectivity, resistance, and lethality by different amounts. Directly upgrading those three attributes is not very fun.

Early upgrades require way too many points. It is possible to get one area up to level 3 to start with, but then it is too hard to get points on the other areas and still infect more countries and hurt the cure progress.

Upgrading doesn't seem to affect the game that much. Resistance doesn't seem to make it easier to attack the cure, even when it's at level 6.

People still die when lethality is at 0. There is no difference between 0 and 1, and that was part of the strategy of the original. If the virus doesn't kill anyone, they won't try very hard to find a cure.

In the end, I like the new ideas, but I find it much less fun than the first. A combination of the two would be fantastic.

Awesome game.

I really liked it only when I was playing it I had killed everyone in the middle east then I in facted an airport in europe then the next turn it said that the plane landed in the middle east while everyone their was dead can you make it so planes can't go to places that you killed everyone in? Other than that it was really fun you get a 4/5.


The opening theme (Main Menu) Song is AWESOME, Death bells 'n' such, the game itself is easy to get into, but not easy to 'Master', the sad song while everyone is dying makes you, no matter what, feel a bit guilty, but this is REALLY addictive and i cant stop playing it! This isnt as hard as the first one, and u dont get to fully know what ur virus is doing, more choices would be good...
OHH! i got the perfect idea! Make a Pandemic game, were you the one being infected!

(Ps: How do u get 4 Didget scores? Max i got was 712, I did everything in about 40 turns once, i mean, Come on Man!)

Not bad for a sequel

Hmmm well this game has some good points and some bad just like the original. I was disappointed i couldn't choose the symptoms of my virus anymore, but the realism of this one was a little bit better than the original (albeit somewhat annoying). Getting the virus to travel to the island nations is a little too difficult and the pure dumb luck thing kinda got on my nerves. I keep trying to bear in mind that wiping out all of mankind would not be an easy thing for a micro-organism to do but then again games that are TOO real aren't much fun are they?

As for graphics and sound they're a little above average in my opinion but not by much although i will say i did like the song in the background I thought it was an appropriate melody for the whole world dying but it got a little annoying. I suggest maybe a fake newscast or a statement from a political leader or two somewhere in the game to kind of break up the monotony. All in all a decent sequel if somewhat disappointing.