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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"

nice game ^.^

Very good game. I dont know what other people are talking about with it being too hard or not enough options, or nothing works. I have played maybe 20 times and won around 10 of them. The controlls and the idea of the game were very good.
Only thing that was annoying was that killing the last 10% of the population could take as long as the other 90%. It was pretty annoying when i did really well, got everyone infected fast, than the last 2 percent took around 20 days. It stopped me from getting on the high scores which was sort of frustrating. Otherwise very good game
It was sort of like a plague version of Risk, which i really like. I look forward to the next one.

The last guy was right

The last one was alot better. There arent as many options in this one, giving you less control, and is ultimately less fun. I would like to see this new one after you add in the resistances and other options of the first one.

Bad job!


i liked the original better

very disappointed

i liked the last version i played it over and over til i beat it
this 1 isnt as good at all to me
it seemed like no matter what i did nothing would ever work
no increased spread of disease or infection of nearby countries
and no 1 had died yet by the time som countires were 2/5 towards thier cure
i just decided to quit after that
it takes to long for anything to happen and i dont like the interface as much as last version

not too good.

It wasn't too good. Almost like the original, and nearly impossible to beat on any real scale. Confusing to learn to play at first, and one hell of a learning curve. Next time better instructions would make it somewhat better, but, meh.