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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"

Good game

I liked the fact that you had more control over the virus, instead of the randomness found in Pandemic 2. Mankind is far more likely to die in this one, rather then survive in freaking Madagascar. Focusing on infecting everyone is the way to go, before upgrading lethality.

pretty good

very good gabe. not the best but very good. I find it worth playing

try this

To beat this game it not about lethality it's about infecting people. okay in the beginning press end turn for two or 3 times then upgrade infectivity then infect all other countries then go to lethality. this is how i beat the game


It's just TOO RANDOM. I literally COULDN'T infect another human until my first one died, once. That was a sad day for viruskind.

Fun, but too based on luck

You can actually interact with the world much more than the other pandemic games, so there is more skill required. However, I find myself constantly losing all my action points because of the randomness.