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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"

I love this game but it's hard to come up with a stratagy.

it is really hard but, thats what makes it fun

The infection of this game seems a lot more random. The music really dosen't go with the game, It reminds me of Risk, It also seems Extremely difficult to come up with a strategy. You have to take a gamble on infecting humans. Could have been alot better.

Tricky game.

It's a tricky game to figure out but one you do, it's easy! After scouring the previous reviews I found out how to beat it,

Step 1: Remove lethality, use that point somewhere else.
Step 2: Infect 1 country to completion, try your starting country.
Step 3: Add to infectiousness (Infective) after each turn and adding in a country.
Step 4: Once the whole planet is infected, begin to kill.

After that, it's similar to the other games in the series.

This is the worst Pandemic ever.

This game is not at all good as the first two. Keep trying. :D