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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"

the game sucks

ok so pandemic wasnt that bad pandemic 2 awsome infected 5 countries. but pandemic three sucks after few seconds game over. next pandemic should be zombie diseases,bring back the dead for more infections, use parasites to stop vaccine deployment. and human infected evolution like become a disease and deadly weapon for world domanation... hope future pandemic is like this..


The pandemics just keep getting worse. The first was great, the second was ok, and now this sucks. You can't do anything, the pandemic is just cured too fast. Also, it is difficult to understand what to do for a new player because the instructions are completely vague. Also, you don't get enough points to do much, and the things often don't tell you how many points they cost, or if they do, it is hard to understand. This game was absolutely terrible and I believe that you, the authors, owe me five minutes of my life back. I want them back by tomorrow.

Good strategy ideas.

I think the new abillity options like infect airport are good ideas, but they weren't executed correctly or elaborated, and the game was not balanced. if you include these add ins in a future pandemic game I would be happy to see them.

Better if it weren't named "Pandemic"

Could use some refining, but it's a good game. It has nothing to do with pandemic though. It feels more like a zombie simulation than a disease simulation.

Anyone else playing this game, click "modify" then take one point from lethality and put it into infectivity. You can thank me later.

mmm copy

that was bad game because it was made by pandemic fame...