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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"

i came so close only 10% of peoples left like omg

games okay but u can lose so easily

Hated it

sorry way to hard i lasted only 1 min

Pretty good

I think you had some good concepts but it was far too easy to kill off people, well until the last 3%. I got stuck on that for a good twenty days. But for the most part it was good. Like the ability to infect countries right by each other. Maybe have more things to modify the virus than just infectivity, lethalness, and the drug resistance. Maybe different symptoms that can lead to more infections. Like boils or rash or something?


sorry really bad i only killed 1% or ppl cos in about 1 minute infection was cured


Simply not as great as the original. Everyone cured the disease too quickly for me to do anything, and when I finally killed someone, the disease was lost. There's no way to win, not that it matters as it is quite boring anyway.