Reviews for "Bling to the Future"


I could seriously see this on TV, I look forward to future productions with great enthusiasm

JohnMazz responds:

Thanks! We tried to make this the best that we could possably do, glad it turned out well. =)


Hahahaha! You got this PERFECTLY! Aw man! I love how you give each character a personality what with the Big guy and his muffled voice and the guy that talks for him etc.. Great sense of humor too!
The only thing it needs are more sound effects.
Also- If its Bling to the FUTURE, Where does he appear in the past? J/W

None the less- its awsome
Great JoB!

JohnMazz responds:

If we do future episodes (which we really want to) You'll see Harvey all over time! Thanks for the review


I Am a #1 FAN of

to the

And i have waited SO LONG for a flash on it. make more!

what in the world?

I love back to the future. I noticed some parts that came from the movie itself. the black emmit brown reminds me of don king or al sharpton for some reason. was the guy with the grill suppose to be biff? anyway, superb movie.

JohnMazz responds:

Thanks for the review. It wasnt a direct parody obviously, we took elements from the original, and some jokes and the like, but over all, it was it's own story. And yes, "Thud" was our version of "Biff"


that was funny