Reviews for "Gearing Up"

Defination of Epic

enough said. this is what i think of when i mean intense epic music!

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanx man!


while hearing this music in could actually see people preparing for the batlle of their life,and they are certain of wining it.
only too bad the music just ended,pls make it longer...

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks for leaving a review!


Nice job on this buddy! Very well done! It could use audio mastering though. Send me the original wav and I'll demonstrate to you what I mean. ;)

http://xayberoptix.newgrounds.com/aud io

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanx! :D


Awesome cinematic sound. Did you use EWQL? If so, what edition?

BrokenDeck responds:

Gold Edition.

This is a pretty good song. i was wondering if i could use it as intro music for my channel as i was thinking of doing a strategy game, and i thought this would be some brilliant music for it. please reply as soon as you see this, thank you.


BrokenDeck responds:

If you mean your youtube channel, please send a PM to me and we can discuss it further