Reviews for "Menulis"


Congrats, nice game. You put a very psychedelic and interesting style. The bossanova song (I think is bossanova) made it even more special, was perfectly suitable for the game. I lol'd with the turtle with the gatling gun.

If I could only mark higher.

If I could i would give this even more style points. The style was just so great even though it was a simple game.

Very Cool Game

I really liked this game, i dont think it was meant to be challengeing more of an adventure game, very chilled and relaxed, cant put my finger on it but i like it, maby my subconcious mind likes it because it makes no sence
the turtle coming out and shooting ou was unexpected and funny, great game, i think making another one like this would get boaring and will ruin the originality of the first though


This game is a marvel to behold. Wonderful


It was really simple, but the artwork was nice enough and unique enough that it didn't really matter.

It was almost exactly what I think the kids from school of rock would look like and what they'd be doing in 10 years on acid.