Reviews for "Menulis"

Very surealistivc and fairly unique

Nice experience of game. Sorta abstract and weird..but also kind and extended.

Nice view of the (Dream-) World.

Cool Game ^.^d

P.S. Absolutly smooth Music!


I love unique, deep thoughts and its arts to express.


very cute. I love the animation, and the different challenges. A very entertaining, if short, flash.


Loved the art work on this :) I thought it was very good if a little bit too short! I also loved the action on the ladders by the way nice little touch.

Interesting game

Mist27: It is something called abstract art. I personally don't get the meaning behind it myself, but hey, sometimes things are made just for the sake of being made

Gameplay: 7/10 Oh god he moved painfully slow. And the ladders were painful to use as well D: But at least the controls worked
Graphics: 9/10 I like the style these kinds of games use
Music: 6/10 Repetitive, but at least it isn't grating

Total: 7.75 = 8/10