Reviews for "Menulis"

Very original...

I liked it... Just not loved it.
Story: There was no plot however the way you solve these puzzles were fascinating. The whole game basically tells the story itself. It was good, really. I have to give you kudos for this...
Gameplay: It was wonderful how you get through with this game... I love the way you can use the space for interacting... However the controls for climbing the ladder ticked me off. It was taking me long, a minute wasted perhaps. Overall it's good. improve on how you climb the ladders.
Music: Amazing. Simply wonderful. Such a mysterious atmosphere. Makes you feel um... Jazzy perhaps? It's all good in general.
Graphics: This is where you hit me good. The ink art matches the music, but the fonts of some items make it all more mysterious. The graphic quality is so amazing.... Yet my laptop continued running smoothly. The weird drawings fit the description well, and the detailing on the items and character make it seem so delicious. the shading and other elements give it a blast of awesomeness...There's nothing wrong however... Just perfect.
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 8
Music: 9.5
Story: 9.5
Total: 37/40 = 92.5%/100% (Roughly 93%)

Wow, Beautiful

I love that you used ink art to make this, it was a new gaming experience, that's for sure. You should definitely do more games along these lines, you could pull off some really wild things!! This was a definite win in my book! :)


Wow, this game is just, wow!

I couldn't stop smiling...

Less of a game than an interactive world, Menulis grabbed my attention with the music first and then the watercolors, and then the general surreal atmosphere. It was fun, but not like kids have fun with Nerf toys. It was more like the fun you have watching an elderly French couple slow dance next to your table in a nearly deserted restaurant while you're having an after dinner espresso.


I wish this game doesn't have to end!