Reviews for "Menulis"


you created a very beautiful game.....i almost want to take it and frame it on my wall.

great game play... nice anumation.. very cool style.

good job


The summary says it all...

The gameplay was... unique (no other way to put it), the jazz music made the game flow and gave it a very relaxing appeal. I had just been playing some war games (and losing) so i was very frustrated and annoyed but now im all relaxed and hippie-like lol I agree with the post several before mine, make this into a mini-series and you sir, are a genius!

very nice indeed

the work you made may not be original but it is original on newgrounds
THAT'S RIGHT! teach all the ignorent of the world
(on this site) thats there is more to games than only "flashy thinges"
and the music was fantastic being a jazz musicion myself.
love your work and ill be looking forward to your next ..."thing"

greetings jeff lebowski.

it doesn't get anymore artistic than this

WOW. All i have to say is WOW. You combined great, abstract paintings, hand drawn animation, and inspiring idea all into a flash game. Not surprisingly, one of the best, if not the best game i've ever played.


the most stylish, intriguing and aestheticly pleasing game i've ever played. Every screen emanates genius and inspires thought. This game just blows me away, keep it up your art could change the world