Reviews for "Menulis"

Very interesting. Lost me a good way in. I was really digging this arrangement of Blue Bossa. I enjoyed what I played of the game (Got stuck on the number part, didn't really care to go much further. I was ensnared by the glory of Mr. Dorham. Good job, either way.

I... don't... understand...
*puts head in hands*

maaaaan...this is not just a game
its art in every way *-*

love it

Story: There is none, at least as far as I can tell.
Graphics: Spectacular! I love the way it looks, so hand drawn and ink-y lol
Music: Fabulous, it fills the air with not fear, or mystery but with calmness like its an everyday task for this man to find his bed.
Controls: simple, easy to figure out, and very well done.

I love this game for the relaxing field and beautiful artwork. <3
I just wish I understood the story (if there is one) because if there were more to this short simple piece of art, it would be an amazing-fantastic-awesome-terrific-ta co of a game :D
Keep up the good work.

simply ingenious

great game..was really simple and fun.also love the animation