Reviews for "Menulis"

I don't quite know the difference between art and experimental games. That being said, I just loved this! I was really surprised at how it created such a wonderful place for itself. I had no idea at all what was going on. I really do like how you set up all these metaphors and stuff. The graphics are also very good.

It's a great game where you can just go and do anything you want. Everything is so oddly specific. It feels more like an interactive short film. It's definitley worth checking out. The name is just as crazy as the actual submission.

nice,just a little short,like many other art games here <3

This is a beautiful game, with beautiful music and a beautiful art style. I am very stuck on the numbers bit.

Well done!

very short, creatively artistic, and amazing music! very imaginative, like a stroll in the park!

Fabulous:) Very simple, great music, and wonderful art! Very well done.