Reviews for "Kill Fest"

Im gona go with no.

Look you told ppl who dont like stick movies not to vote. That's my first red flag. That is just desperation not to be banned. I like stick movies, but this is overly fixated on violence, and is basically a kill-fest. Point, its called killfest, but at least put some effort for a funny twist or unexpected thing in it. Just a liiiiiiiiiitle over the line on this, i think.

cool movie

I like it is pretty sweet.

This was okay

A fun little stick battle. Nothing new or inventive.


P.S. Why are you telling people not to vote if they don't like it? If people don't like it, then tough!

blood *drools

awesome, the only suggestion i have is to have them actually fight each other, and just not die from poorly constructed scenery. But still, pretty good.

Kinda retarded

Retarded in a good way,i usually would just blam a stick figure flash but this stood out for some reason. made me laugh whether that was the intention or not.coulda been longer though.