Reviews for "Kill Fest"

nothing new..

nothing really too new.. all that has been before.. and the timing was weird as well as some of the actions. tyr either something else or try to make one movie something exceptional that people will remember

cool one

that was a pretty cool Kill Fest..... very nice action in it. it could've been without sticks i think, but for a stick fighting/killing animation, that was actually very very nice. the graphics were nice, decent audio... and like i said, the action was sweet.
good work.

Try moving on

Well, from what I can judge. You're a good animator, you can draw, do decent FX. You really need to drop the random killing for no reason... It's been done.

With your capabliity you could go far if you spent less time on these and more time on something else.


Pretty mean movie aye!

it might pass.

Other then being overly-focused on blood and killing. it's well-animated compared to all the crap i see.