Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #3"

i love CU

And what was with the guy who reviewed before me? he doing a BA scholarship or somethin?
I love kung fu karl and all of the UC guys, especially the black ninja :P.

Keep it up, i'm a fan x0x

Funny character and script

REALLY enjoyed this flash. The humour is great and fits the character very well......the whole idea was class and well executed.

I actually appreciate the simplicity of this animation, love the fact that it was a series of stills. It added to the reminiscing of the character.


Thats funny

I liked that video. i think that this video would have been great if you put more work into the video part. Im not say that style was bad but it would be realy good with good graphics. good work 80 %!


that was great love KFK... now i know why no vday flash this year, ill take the KFK flash ne day lol


that was so funny i loved it. keep going.