Reviews for "KFK's Adventures #3"


This one didn't have quite the same feel as the first two, but it was still great to watch and it was still hilarious. KFK has the craziest adventures, and even this one was odd even for him, i enjoyed it and had my fair share of laughs. The part with the fake crime scenes was the best, I could actualy see the ninja being like that.

wow this series is well good

keep up the good work probably the best thing aout it is its simplicity

well it turns out......

lol well it turns out when to diejest 4 pounds of black tar haroin it dose a number on your brane lmao alwsome

My bride, Melinda the seahorse... w00t

Haha, this seires keeps getting funnier and funnier, keep it up guys.

best thing i seen ever

i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! so funny