Reviews for "have no fear"


Woah! That is awesome!

Zero-drk responds:

thanks :D



Zero-drk responds:

hell yeah it is XD


Too bad you didn't win.

Zero-drk responds:

yeah but so far i stayed in the runner ups in 5th place i think
still hell of a contest but its ok it was my first time XD


this is an good example of color
and saturation, yeah i think you should refine it

Zero-drk responds:

thanks maybe in the future ill refine it or redo it but time will tell

how do u do it???

ur soooo amazing dude!!!! I mean, u make awesome sheet bro.

Zero-drk responds:

I KNOW!!!!! i get stuff like that every sec dude
but naah really thanks for comment :D
as for how i do it
i get i nice lines trow some stuff here and there blabla bla
let it cook medium fire and trow some awsome and cool sheet around
and done :D