Reviews for "have no fear"



Zero-drk responds:

hell yeah it is XD


Woah! That is awesome!

Zero-drk responds:

thanks :D

Very Awesome

I like the worms eye view and you did a hell of a job with the pallet and values. I do think that you could have refined it more however. I also think that the composition would have been a little more charged if the ogres, I am guessing, were looking at the warrior.

Very cool.

Zero-drk responds:

first of all thank you very much
yeah i could have make it better i guess but i got lazy at the end XD
now i see a lot of flaws and more details could have been done but the rush to try to finish it was more
still i invite you to see my deviantart page for a better quality of the image and for the links to the rest of the contest

thank you for your time

I'll just spell check for you...

this pic is completely amazing, not flawless but convincingly professional

this image was done for a contest back in feb i didnt won XD

Fixed*"This image was made for a contest back in February, but I didn't win"

Zero-drk responds:

thanks i have fixed it now
and im sorry writhing is just not my strong