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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"


Hahahah,it was pretty funny,nicely done

Hmm...pretty good.

This is pretty good, but I've seen better. The sync with the sound and the movement was a little off, but that may have been my computer. Also, I've heard the Freakazoid audio in another PW flash.

That was good...

But I have to agree with some people, the Pheonix Wrong thing is getting stale now, I'm not disrespecting you, your flash was funny, but after seeing so many like it, one does get fed up of it.


Loved the scotty/Dr. Evil thing, both of them were great, as for the song near the end, it's by Foreigner and they're saying urgent, not virgin. *sniff* *Sniff* I smell a mondegreen!

Some good, some bad, all freaky.

I don't know how to rate this thing overall. I think you've got some duds here (the Jack Frost, YMCA, Snakes on a Plane, and Virgin/Urgent Emergency ones, for example), but you've also got some real funny ones too (the 'Don't Mess With Me, Man' bit, the Freakazoid bit, and the 'Shh!' scene).

I think if you looked over some of the other high-rated Phoenix Wrong bits on the site and made a couple more, you could really improve, maybe note some things you could add in. For example, with some of the boring-yet-unusual bits, having the right reaction shot can make it awesome. What you tried with Virgent(?) Emergency is a reaction shot, but either virgin or urgent, it doesn't stand on its own.

Good stuff, though. I think you have potential, so keep working at it. Good luck with future flashes!

fusion-of-flash responds:

This is the kind of reviews I really like. Long and constructive. Thank u.

Btw, About virgin(?)emergency. It actually said VIRGINemergency at ytmnd when I searched and now when I noticed it is'nt right I dont wanna change anything in the movie.

Once again thx 4 the review