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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"


I have seen a lot of Pheniox Wrongs, but this one seems to be in my top three.

Very Good

Most Phoenix Wrong Tributes don't make me laugh, but this one was good. It actually kept me laughing through most of it. Keep up the good work!

A Good Try at a Great Thing

REally good try at the Newgrounds Legend that is Phoenix Wrong. This one was better than all the AshfordPride wannabe attempts, but still this is Ash's thing. So I think to put it Metaphorically you can see Ash on the Podium in 1st and this one easily takes 2nd in my mind.

Much love for PW

I can't get enough of the Pheonix Wrong flashes
I'm a bit late to the party I know, having just started the second game

Some real funny stuff in there, I especially liked the Dr. Evil ones, magnificently timed


It was pretty good however some of the jokes weren't very funny. The start was very good.