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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"

loved it

love that song to.good choise.

and for the guy under me the song is :Holly Dolly - Dolly Song (Ieva's Polka)


bee ba bee ba bee da dil da doe.
i love that song lol wuts it called anyways?


What's the song Pearl sings?I really want to know!Good job by the way. xD

fusion-of-flash responds:

U can check the audio credit at the credit text that appears in the end of the movie. The song that Pearl sings is called Dolly Song.


That damn song, arrgh! just after i got over the NUMA NUMA ONE!!! oh god someone give me the name of it........I just need to get it out please. what is its name at the very least!!! But on the whole submisson you did great, keep it up.

Lol, except..

That was great! Except the Snakes on a plane part.. That was kinda copied off me, sorry, But I'm not flaming like a noob, Im taking it ok.

Btw, great ideas on that flash! XD

fusion-of-flash responds:

Hmm actually i've never ever seen ur movie b4. Im sorry but actually it's kinda hard to check every movies parts. Like ur Khaaaaan thing have been used in another PW movie.

Thank u very much for ur review.