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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"

Very nice!

I clicked on the last valid pixel of the 10th star for rating! can't wait for the next!(if you're still working on it.) But what exactly would a virgin emergency be? I'm morbidly curious.

never dissapointing

i first encountered your work with the phoenix wrong collab between you, ashford and the others (my apologizes for not remembering all the names
-_-" ) you never disapoint me with your work. your just as amazing as ashford. keep up the amazing work!

"Don't mess with me, I'm a lawyer!"

That was as good as Ashford! (In other words, most other people who try to produce a parody to that standard sucked except you and a few other flash artists) MOVE OVER VILLAGE PEOPLE! THE VILLAGE LAWYERS ARE IN TOWN! LOLZ!

Great movie!

A while after the movie I downloaded that holly dolly song. Man was it f***ing weird, but cool.

Some good, some bad, all freaky.

I don't know how to rate this thing overall. I think you've got some duds here (the Jack Frost, YMCA, Snakes on a Plane, and Virgin/Urgent Emergency ones, for example), but you've also got some real funny ones too (the 'Don't Mess With Me, Man' bit, the Freakazoid bit, and the 'Shh!' scene).

I think if you looked over some of the other high-rated Phoenix Wrong bits on the site and made a couple more, you could really improve, maybe note some things you could add in. For example, with some of the boring-yet-unusual bits, having the right reaction shot can make it awesome. What you tried with Virgent(?) Emergency is a reaction shot, but either virgin or urgent, it doesn't stand on its own.

Good stuff, though. I think you have potential, so keep working at it. Good luck with future flashes!

fusion-of-flash responds:

This is the kind of reviews I really like. Long and constructive. Thank u.

Btw, About virgin(?)emergency. It actually said VIRGINemergency at ytmnd when I searched and now when I noticed it is'nt right I dont wanna change anything in the movie.

Once again thx 4 the review