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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"

One of the best pheonix wrongs

The only thing is that you cut off the frekazoid part before the punchline of the joke, seriously if you did the paper holding pheonix sprite through it, it would work pretty well.


THIS KICKS ASS!!! Love the Austin Powers clips. KICKS ASS!


This movie... there's is no words to describe how awesome this is.
Graphics: CRISP! Not blurry, and they look almost exactly like they would on the DS. Good job.
Humor: I think everyone would think the same about this... AWESOME. i had a marathon the evening i watched this, i was gonna watch through all the Phoenix Wrong flashes in one evening. I stopped at this and watched it 9 times.
Sound: Nicely done. Good clips, and it's always funny hearing Phoenix rabble about the end o the world.
Sprites: Very, very good. The things that got me the most was probably the fact that you used other sprites than PW ones, and the fact that someone FINALLY got Aiga Hoshiidake into a Phoenix Wrong movie. I think people should get him in more clips because he's so awesome and great and *Starts raving about Aiga like the obsessed fangirl i am*
Overall: An very good Phoenix Wrong clip. You've fitted the clips in to a good character, and it wouldn't surprise me if these characters actually said this. The first time i watched it through i laughed so hard i spilled my Cola onto my keyboard, but i didn't bother wiping it off until the video was finished... and then i ran like hell into the kitchen. PLEASE GOD make another one.

fusion-of-flash responds:

I only respond to 2 kinds of reviews. The really really bad ones and the really really good ones.
I'm really glad u enjoyed it. I sure will make another one of those, the only question is when. I started with a second one a long time ago, but the work just dissapeared for some strange reason when I only had the credits left, so I'm kinda stuck with another project now (not sprites). But my knowledge about fllash has grown very much since the CF project so I hope you will like the second one as much as u liked this.

Thanks for the review!


This is one of my favorite Phoenix Wrong tributes.


Dude, this kicked so much ass.

The synching was great, and the laughs were better....oh jesus.

Snakes on a plane, bitch. xD