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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"


Haha, I actually know where most of the sound clips came from, even the Freakazoid one. I usually don't with these flashes. Very funny, the first couple especially.

Virgin Emergency???

That song isn't called Virgin Emergency, it's called Urgent and it's by Foreigner. He's saying "Urgent. Emergency."

And now onto the review of the actual flash, which was amazing. I love to see all of these Phoenix Wrong videos and this was one of my favorites, probably because of the Freakazoid bit. Keep up the good work.

Probably one of the best PW's of late!

It has been a while since we had a decent Phoenix Wrong, then you and Pride both come out with HILARIOUS skits in the same month? I hope this means the quality of PW is back on the rise!


Hahahah,it was pretty funny,nicely done

It was... The best!

I totally love PW, but this makes it look really funny and alot cooler then regular, thanx for making this movie!

You make it all look better then it originally was, the people of NG needed this flash, it should so stay! Great work!