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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF"

Its inevitable XD

That was nother awesome PW flash :D

can you update your post with the clips you used ?

Damm Good!!!!!!!

Holy cow this was funny. But I wish the humor would go on and on but I guess all things have to end. Well anyways how come there's is that guy mentioning about slob and then he wears an d a Santa Claus thing now that's as well funny but creepy at the moment.

fusion-of-flash responds:

Creepy and funny. Maybe that is Phoenix Wrong in a nutshell ^^.


Loved the scotty/Dr. Evil thing, both of them were great, as for the song near the end, it's by Foreigner and they're saying urgent, not virgin. *sniff* *Sniff* I smell a mondegreen!

Prithee, heed not the previous's ramblings!

Phoenix WRONG is not stale. It's classic.
It's commendable when someone dares to step up to the plate on it; it's one of the better kinds of sprite animation, has pre-set, emotion-charged poses, and yet allows for a good deal of personal touch and creativity.
The Doctor Evil and Scott thing was great, but the YMCA thing, not really. While Phoenix's rambling about the end of the world is funny, the animation at the end showed a bit of blank white space above him. That's not right. It's improper, or as the Hittites said, "nata aara".

That was good...

But I have to agree with some people, the Pheonix Wrong thing is getting stale now, I'm not disrespecting you, your flash was funny, but after seeing so many like it, one does get fed up of it.