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Reviews for "LL - Lock Legion Shorts 2"

Haha, nice.

I liked the scene where everyone was commiting suicide.

MasterLock responds:

Thanks :3

i agree with what that sexy marlboro said :0

mouserz is indeed a sexy bitch

Perfectly awesomeness reincarnated into a flash.

Read above.

MasterLock responds:

I see!

Very nice!

The flash was hilarious.
Going to watch it a few times over again.
Nice use of effects and all.

-Trunks (:

MasterLock responds:

Thanka yuo :D

Great Flash

Just wanted to drop a review. I know my review probably wont mean much considering im the newest lock as of today, but i think its great none the less!

MasterLock responds:

I'm sorry to say, I believe there's already a Coke Lock.