Reviews for "Reach for the Stars 8-Bit"

I love this version

Nice! Sonic colours is one of my favourites!!!

I kind of felt this was a bit too short. I didn't quite understand the title. It seemed like it didn't have much to do with its name. It's still a pretty joyous submission. It's mostly because it's nice and happy sounding. It has a fun tone to it.

While it doesn't build up to much, that doesn't mean it's terrible either. You have just made better. I'm definitely getting some video game vibes. Most of your songs are like that anyway. In fact, most of your submissions are like that.

Love the song but why is it only 20 seconds long is it supposed to be the Super Sonic version?
BUT if it was like the full version remix it would be "AMAZING!!!"


That one note is wrong.....and it's getting on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares?! This is Good, Great, Awesome, Outstanding, AMAZIIIIIING!!!!