Reviews for "Reach for the Stars 8-Bit"

How 8-bit SHOULD sound.

Hahaha I saw the Every Everything Ever movie and I love how people are being so "Original" with there 8-bit remixes which in reality sounds pretty generic. But I kid though this is a decent rearangement of the Upcoming Sonic colors. Keep it up Wonchop!

good song


Pretty sweet.

Wish it lasted longer :/

This is good

It does sound a little crowded and loud, but other than that. I like the sounds, and tune :D. Quite 8-bitish.

A tad noisy, but it's not bad at all.

The song is short, but in general it makes for a good start for a song. The instruments seemed a tad blended in, but it wasn't that big of a distraction from the peice itself.