Reviews for "8-bit Hero"

That's brilliant

Especially if that's your first time trying out 8-bit music, I've actually been really interested in trying to do this myself, how hard was it to do this?

Really good...

...now just get Capcom to use it in their next Mega Man game.


I dont know what else to say about this but its really cool!

- Mr. Big Bad Lejin (Hip Hop NG's#1 Artist)
- A-GANG (Almighty Records)
- Real-Over-Fake -(Approved)

I want to slap you for having talent

I hope you are happy now.

Yay GO HERO =D !

I wanted to give a zero because it rhymes with hero, and scores is supposed to relate to the song you vote for XP .

Awesome, I can see a a very vague world, transparent, at most .
A universe, or an empty space full of all . A place that makes eternity not enough time, to set off on this adventure . I see a war with stars XP If you dont' watch out, the stars will use ''Explod'' and take away -60Hp . A great 8-Bit song ^-^ 5/5 10/10 .

l l u m a n s~