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Reviews for "Burn (Instrumental)"


Didn't expect anything less from you

Lashmush responds:

True dat, honkey.


dude why is something this great rated so damn poorly(low voters that probably are jealous that they can't produce something even close to being as great as this)
anyways dude that is an amazing song I haven't made any music but I enjoy listening to yours.


Keep em coming!



Just pure technical brutality! No string, no horns, no organs, just pure ballcrushing death! Love it! Make it longer and add a solo and it just might be perfect!

Lashmush responds:

It's made to be short and sweet. Dimoria is on solo detail.

Heavy and awesome BUT

I hate your kick. I really do, it just sounds like someone hitting the top of a tupperware container. It's almost watery, like the sound of a drip of water mixed on top of the original kick or something.

Sweet stabbing quick riffs, I also like how liberally you use squealies.

Everything other than the kick is badass, so I'm not gonna be one of those douches that gives you a 6 because something sounds weird to me personally.

On an unrelated note, I saw your forum post a while back about the 0 bombing in Heavy Metal, and I completely agree that it's fucked. There is definitely something going on. I had a song at 4.24 that was fucking #3 for a little while until it goes 0'd as well. Ah well I guess, there really isn't anything we can do about it. I suppose we could get a whole shitload of people to go on strike or something but that wouldn't solve shit.


Whoa, those drums sound impossibly fast!

Lashmush responds:

nah thats 230 bpm which is quite common in the extreme deathmetal circles of drummers.

Thanks for the review.