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Reviews for "DJ Runaway - Together"


Are you sure this is your first techno/trance hybrids? It is one of the best I have heard in a long time. Great job, you should be proud of your mad music skills.

DJRunaway responds:

Yer, it's my first :) *blush* Thanks man! And I dun have mad music skills... *blushes again*


This is by far.....

.... One of the best songs on NG.. its my favourite songs.. it might be a bit simplistic.. but its very very good! Congrats on the work on this dude!

P.S. Check out my music!!!


nice 1...
i like it a lot and there are very few things on this site i really like...
anyway keep up the good work :)

DJRunaway responds:

Thanks alot man! I feel honored :)


im back!!!

and your still fuckin awesome even old songs rule the music of my big bro hard, you are the master overlord emperor of leaders... of all

My favorite song on newgrounds..

Has got to be this. This is simple,but i love the double build-up in this song. This song is built up into 4 sections: A buildup, a semi-rave, a higher pace buildup, and then an all out rave.

This is basically creating the imagery of two people ball room dancing (first part). During the semi-rave, a modern club scene with 2 people (possibly with break dancing. The higher pace buildup would be the ballroom dancing, but at a faster speed. The final part would be both couples dancing together in the night club.

In this imagery of the song,i think the song is appropriately titled. The fusion of old and new Together, the dance between two people together.

Love the work, and this is my favorite song, Newgrounds or otherwise. Make more of this.