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Reviews for "DJ Runaway - Together"


Gah!!!!! The skitterings are off like crazy(or are they?)!!! did you set back the (attack? is that it?) on the sound? anyway Aaaa! It was crazy distracting for me in the beginning of the song and faded as the song went on so it isnt a huge problem at all.
Hmm the rest of the song was pretty cool, the piano was a little hard to blend with the techno/trance feel but you made it work pretty well lso gratz!
Umm... the changeover to the saw(I think) was a little abrupt but thats cool too, I dunno xD It was a pretty tight song.
Hmm.. The melody after the first "saw" part was excellent.


Way Laid BACK

Love it, the piano is just amazing and the synth too. I'm usually a Dance genre listener and I don't know how I missed this track before, it's great. One drawback: lack of a rythmic regressive theme in the back. All I'm hearing is bells and the odd tune but no general magic except nearing the end. But, other than that you did a great job.

DJRunaway responds:

:) THanks man! I know it's lacking of agressive beats, but I really wanted to make this tune atmospheric and laid-back :) Thanks for the review man!



nice 1...
i like it a lot and there are very few things on this site i really like...
anyway keep up the good work :)

DJRunaway responds:

Thanks alot man! I feel honored :)


good but a bit depressing compared to the others

starts off good but i thought irt was a bit depressing

sorry m8

DJRunaway responds:

I know :) it's a not a "easy listening" song :) My music is depressing in general anyways ;)


PS. Thanks for the review man :)

This is by far.....

.... One of the best songs on NG.. its my favourite songs.. it might be a bit simplistic.. but its very very good! Congrats on the work on this dude!

P.S. Check out my music!!!