Reviews for "Remove Police"


the music rocked but i found the animation a bit lacking.

good job tho keep up the great work


Wow man. Just awesome...and I agree with the man below me. When can we get this song!?!?!??!!? It is SO addictive and awesome.

domo arigato mr roboto

nice flash i liked the music and the dancing robot was nice

funny as hell!

Man that was awesome! I was laughing the entire time. what's with that green hat that guy has on in the space ship? Aww man, that was just hilarious! keep up th good work!

Merchant Rewards!!!!

Had this bookmarked for some time now. Used to watch this almost daily multiple times in a row.
Wonderful music with a great video. A little rough in some areas, but it is still a wonderful pice of work.