Reviews for "Remove Police"

Far beyond beginner's luck

That was just crazy good - and for a music video it was never repetitive. You must've spent quite a while on it. And this is your first flash video? Amazing.


Why doesnt this have an award??
It is FABOLOUS, i mean, teh animation its outstanding, it should have taken you moths!! if people are voting low just because they dont like the song it is really unfair, the whole animation/art is faboulous, u used techniches i would have never tought about, it just looks great


Graphics - perfect!

Give me more!

Fugging awesome.

I love the song and the video just fits the song so well. Very well done!


5/5 10/10 Perfect

You did a great job on this. The music and the animation fit perfectly together.

I have nothing constructive to say, it's that good