Reviews for "Remove Police"

Loved it!

I actually help this pass through the portal yesterday, and when I loged in today, frontpage!!! I loved it so much I watched it another time since its so incredibly catchy.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing more flash by you in the future. Thumbs up! 5/5 (x2 since I also voted yesterday)


its really cool and awesome work for been your first flash, you have what they call "natural talent", and you will get better and better with every flash you make.
so keep it up and do more flash works, can't wait to see the next one.

Awesome, utterly

I have watched newgrounds movies for years but never went through the trouble of joining to comment...but this video screamed for me to comment. I loved it! Makes me want to go watch V for Vendetta. I'm not an anarchist, but I definately like when the masses scream for change against the authority which isn't representing them appropiately. Congrats and please make more. It disapoints me that you don't support such a strong message. In certain contexts totalitarian governments do suppress freedom of speech and civil rights, and your video would definately speak to them.

UltraSheriff responds:

V for Vendetta was a great movie! As for me not supporting my message, some regimes definitely need to be fought and overthrown, if we blindly accept authority for the sake of not stirring up the hive, we`ll soon have holocaust all over again. This is however not aimed at any regime in particular, and therefore I need to stress the importance of not applying it to every government in general. As I`ve said earlier, I certainly don`t feel like removing the police or overthrowing the government in my country...

And also thanks for your very flattering comments!:)


The lyrics were stupid. I saw your responses to some reviews and realize you don't mean them; still wasn't my thing.

I really did enjoy the intrumentals, the awesome graphics, and the colors.

Wow, this cool musicvideo is now over 9 years old... damn I'm getting old. I just remember it as it was just a few weeks ago that it was posted on NG.