Reviews for "Remove Police"

very cool flash and totally catchy song

It has a great old school style that just catches you off guard and then saturates your skin! haha I love it.

great work!

I can see why it made the front page.

That was a good movie, all you need to do now is make more!


this is probably the coolest hippie- futuristic-robot sont ever good work

I haven't written a review in a long time...

But I felt this submission deserved special recognition. It's been wonderfully animated and it's obvious that you took painstaking care when making this. The music is fantastic and you synced it up to the video amazingly. It makes me think of late 70s, early 80's techno (in a good way, and that's hard since early 80's techno was... horrible) and it very stylish. In particular, the scene that I think it fantastic and makes me giggle every time is the one where everybody (police, the robot, and the green guy) are all dancing together under flashing lights.

It is irritating that many people have somehow taken offense to what is very obviously a fun and awesome flash, giving it lower ratings then it deserves because they somehow got the message that you're an anarchist, etc. I mean come on people, the robot disco dances while shooting things. This is like when people took offense to the movie Dogma for being anti-Christianity. I mean it had a rubber poop monster in it for crying out loud. You can't make a serious world changing political/religious statement with a disco dancing robot/rubber poop monster. And if you think you can, you are far too weak minded and we need to call the local cable company and cut off your access so you don't go and kill someone/rape someone after watching an episode of Law and Order. Also we should cut off your phone and internet too, just in case.

Back to the author, this was an excellent piece of flash especially considering it's a first submission, and I plan on sharing it with my friends (one of whom is majoring in interactive multimedia aka flash at our college) and seeing what they think. I really look forward to seeing you on the frontpage again. Thanks for actually taking time and effort to make something as entertaining as this for the masses.

And Kudos for somehow squeezing it into below 5 megs. :)

Techno Charm

The whole video is so disarmingly cheesy, what with the dancing robots and smooth crooning vigilante. A great music video for an undeniably catchy tune.