Reviews for "Remove Police"

DONT walk along. There IS something to see here.

Im not in favor of removing government sanctioned law enforcers, HOWEVER I am totally in favor of removing current governments.

I also think most law enforcers are quite useless to say the least. Here in Holland we got police crawling all over shopping centers and friendly neighbourhoods, but there aint a single blue shirt in the areas where people get molested and mugged regularly. I guess the police dudes figure those areas too dangerous to patrol.

BUT no offense to the law officers that do good work, like homicide detectives. Those guys are actually doing something USEFULL.
Its just that the only cop that most people will get into contact with are the cynical and frustrated goones that care only for getting their quotum of fines. With that kind of representation who can wonder about peoples attitude to the police?

Loved it, and I'm adding it to my favorites!

EXCELLENT first job. I can't stop watching it, it's almost daily for me. I'm in awe, you're a great flash artist, I'm watching for more submissions from you! Good luck on your next one and great job! Wow.

yes, i totally share your point of view.

without the weak costumes though, and i would have more than three fingers on my hands and use something more orginal than a giant robot, i would like infest their food with herpes or something.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

that was fantastic it has a sort of Rammstein feel about it btw if you didnt know Rammstein is a german techno band

LOL i think this song is just badass ;)
Well done dude :)

Oh and about the flash..it harms the police only but they do deserve it so the fact that fills nothing but the goodness deeds.Although the sound was best in all it...
But let's admit that i enjoy very much the whispy vocals and also that destructive backround between all these things a little too :d

I can't stand rating stuff by being it posted firstly by the way.This music clip rocks anyway man!