Reviews for "Remove Police"


very catchy song and great editing.

i think i hate that guys helmet more than life itself but this was a great video.

nice job chief.


thats was...
im speechless i don't know what to say

Good track

Not my type of animation, but still well done. (my tastes are not what is important), great song and the synch is great. very impressive, 5/5.

Awesome Job

Nice job man, I love the for the main character, sounds like me. But it would be better if we can hear him over the music at some parts. It seems that that music overlaps his voice alot..

But this rocked man, you guys can sing and you sound great doing it.


-This is a very good music video matched to a fun song. It has plenty of different animations and artwork but isn't afraid to repeat a good animation in the same way that the song is repeating various sounds. My only complaint would be the song gets a little dull by the end, perhaps a shorter version would hold one's attention span a bit better.

-Still - the graphics are perfect (and not tiny!), the sound is good and it was quite creative. Despite being a little long, I still have to give this one a very very rare 10. Amazing quality for a first release, keep up the good work!