Reviews for "Remove Police"

Nice one! Music Counts Alot!

awesome job man. keep it up!

Really well done

Usually, when somebody writes "This is my first animation," it's two stick figures beating each other up for no reason or something like that. Even when the flash has had obvious work put into it, it generally looks like a learning experience with lots of rough edges and such. This had an extremely refined and professional look to it. And you say it's your first flash?

Anyway, I loved it, especially the "8-bit robot" segment. That reminds me: Where does this song come from? Did you create it specifically for this video? If not, who does it and where can I find it?

In closing, I'm looking foreword to this passing judgment for two reasons: 1: so I can get a protection point (All my five and some such) and 2: so I can put it in my favorites!


Thank you for reminding me why I still spend my time wading through all the crap that appears on the NG portal - because occasionally you get something brilliant like this. It's even more satisfying that this is your first submission to Newgrounds, as it shows you've clearly spent your time on something before showing it to everyone, unlike so many other new users who submit something that clearly took them all of 5 minutes to make.

So yeah - great idea for an animation, really nice drawing/animation, and a decent song to boot. Keep it up, and great job!


if htis is your first flash you've set a rather high standard for yourself this is in my favourites as numba 1 it has great music voices and is brilliantly animated and drawn well done


i voted 5/5


This kicked ass, theres no way this was your first flash, lol