Reviews for "Remove Police"

Awesome Job

Nice job man, I love the for the main character, sounds like me. But it would be better if we can hear him over the music at some parts. It seems that that music overlaps his voice alot..

But this rocked man, you guys can sing and you sound great doing it.

As a video, is awesome

First of all, I think that you made an excellent work with the song. If you made that with your brother, then keep up the good work.

The video is really good, I enjoyed it a lot. The futuristic background was really cool, the guy singing was pretty good drawn. Somehow you made it work with the music, the sync is perfect, and the little dancing scenes really made it look like a music video.

Loved the policemen, this is really fun, I recomend it to all, unless you're thinking that this is an attemp to overthrow the goverment through music or something (!"ยท$%&) like that.

it was great

I love it *thumbs up*

Fugging awesome.

I love the song and the video just fits the song so well. Very well done!

Good work

I liked this video, the music is good same for the animation, good work.