Reviews for "Remove Police"


zomg! i am love with this song,
i'm a big hard-rock and metalfan but this song is so awesome i can't stop listening to it!!! i love it!
(for al the nubs out there you can download the song from the audio portal just search remove police)

keep up the great work!!!!!!

it suks

the animation is good but the idea......(dancing disko robot taking down police,in strange city with green monster,wtf)
Now remove.......police is in my head

nice style

brilliant style of making flashes and hte soung is pretty catchy. hope u continue making more like this

Pretty catchy

I'm going to be saying "remove....police" all day now, thanks :) Very nice job on the song and the animation as well. It's not one of those "OMG THIS IS SO AMAZING" productions, but over time with a little more experience and some time I wouldn't be surprised to see a huge release from you someday.


This is really good....did you make this song yourself????? cuz man I love it.