Reviews for "Remove Police"

Anti-government messages DO influence us.

I like your style, but I don't like the message.

"Authority is a bad thing, you don't need laws to keep you in line. Remove authority and the world will have peace."

I know you said you didn't want anyone to read this in a political or ideological way, but its screaming this message to me.

If the authority is removes, total chaos will ensue. I don't need to remind you of the Chaos Theory, which also applies to anarchy - Any system without proper controls will become increasingly chaotic, this includes society.

This message can and will influence the people who watch it, including myself, in some way, subliminally or blatantly. Their leaning toward anarchy is going to be partially your fault because you are condoning it in a way. I hope you understand the profound message of your submission and the long-term consequences influence on the minds of those who watch it.

That was great! :D

I have to say its one of the better videos Ive seen in a while! Ya did an amazing job! Anyway to find that song on Mp3? :P


5/5 10/10 Perfect

You did a great job on this. The music and the animation fit perfectly together.

I have nothing constructive to say, it's that good


Way too slow, rather dull really. Although I doubt anyone's going to get arrested over this.


It's a good song, ok graphics...........but whats with the Anarcy.(probaly selled wrong) You know you can get arrested for something like this. Just watch out ok.