Reviews for "Remove Police"


You realy rock at making music videos, man! Great lipsync, everything follows the beat and the music. Totally awesome unlike so many realy shitty musicvideos here.

gota love the song!

love it!!

I honestly cannot get enough of this song..

Downloaded it.

Really. The more I see great flash animations like this, the more I'm convinced they deserve special recognition and more attention. They should be spread to everyone.

Remove...! Police...!

i loved it

this is realy the only flash i have watched all the way through


Okay, i gotta say i love the style, love the music, and even though you declared theyre is not political message in this, i see one and i love it.(No im not some moron, who wants chaos and blah blah, give me abreak) and to al of you saying how this man here is saying how governments in countries are like this, shut up ok! He clearly stated he wasnt meaning to say such thing about any country. Though, te-he i know one government with police like that...though i bettter shut up before the nationalists starting saying shit about me. Aaaaanyhow, dood this guy cant get arrested its in the constitution he has fredom of speech, if he gets arrested he can clearly point at the constitution and shut anyones bs against his art or his song. Its art, its freedom, and its beautiful. And I hope he makes more art like this, for years to come.

Dood,Im sorry for puting political stuff in my review, its just that i read the other reviews and theyre bs about the animation ticked me off completely. But anyhow, great animation dood, the song is very original and I am very fond of the vocals, the lyrics are sweet too. The graphics are superb, i love the robot and the green dood. Amazing, it would be kool to see them in some series in which they encounter problems like the ones in the animation. So, im going to stop this review now, awesome job, keep the art coming nevermind the negativity these people send you.

"Dont tell me what i should be, leave me alone" , nice.