Reviews for "Retron"

Your Ship Asplode

You got that from homestarrunner. That is awsome! I like de game... VIVA LA CHUCK NORRIS!

i'm sooo confused

Ok, wow, I'm at a loss for words love is felt for what has beed done here with the game play mechanizm(or whatever) with the shifting perspective and what not it is very inventive .

Wow..Just Wow

I started playing, and i thought 'Wheres the twist? Mbay it comes later in the game?' and then i freaked out. Great Work.

One suggestion though, maby if you make a sequel, you could make the level sync with the music, and add a replay button after you die, that would add the the addictiveness of the game.


That was great, I loved and now I am hooked. Great game!

a sick twisted game that fools us all!

well this is a gem mined from newgrounds that really stands out.
first time thru i got 807, the second time it was 1800 something.