Reviews for "Retron"

Somewhat Innovative

Well the "hard" part came like 2 secs in the game so the art of surprise was ruined. On other hand, the flipping screen technique was pretty cool and seldomly seen, so I'll give a point for creativity although it gets repetitive pretty quickly after you get adjusted to the rotations. IMO, this game could of improved in the gameplay department. On a random note, I feel sorry for PCs that suffer from lag as this game will get very tedious. Anyways, it's good if you want to kill time

vector sb?

Isnt the your ship a-splode from homestarrunner? the sb zone game? anyway fun game.

Kenney responds:

Yes, it's a tribute to that.

Very cool.

Nice touch, the spinny and flippy screen, but not quite original. Have you seen The Game of Disoriantation? It's almost exactly like this, but its not a shooter. Anyway, cool game, it's awesome.

Kenney responds:

I've seen the game after finishing, alot of people pointed me to it. I like that game but it didn't gave me inspiration for this one.

its original

the whole rotating, morphing screen thing is unique, but it just makes the game annoying. & this needs sound effects. also there wuz this 1 purple ship that when i shot at it, mi shots passed through it, not killing it

Kenney responds:

May I suggest you stop talking like the TV character Ali G it's annoying. Then, it has sound effects. There was 1 ship which is a dummy ship and makes 70% of the other lag disappear. And if you really think the game is annoying because there is a game element not to your liking there will probably be no game that will ever be enjoyable for you.

It was pretty boring but

But you know what? Just for including a skip button for the "Armor games" "cutscenes" I'll give you 5/5.