Reviews for "Power Star 3"

Nice XD

I have to say, this is the best sprite action I have ever seen. I like all the gradients and filters you use, and there was definitely a lot of effort put into this fight scene! You also did a decent commentary, It was interesting to read :P. It sucks that you lost some of it but I look forward to the conclusion ^^.

yeah..that was great

finally the 3rd installment of Power Star..it was great..make the next one soon


Amazing job, canĀ“t wait next! :D


positive: soundeffects, music, design.

negative: /

comment: exelent flash

score 5/5

end of line

It was

Only humurous because of the commentary but awesome nonethe-less. I like to hear that you made your own sprites. Im tired of seeing the same ol' sprites in every sprite flash. Can't wait to see the ending. Is peach cheating on mario?!