Reviews for "Power Star 3"


too long way too long... got boring... the fighting was good but it dragged on and on.... good work thou i guess..... it was all pixelated n stuff so it was kinda stupid lookin thou... i dunno just my stupid opinion i guess....
would have been nice to see the characters drawn or something instead but ah well.... you got points for style so u got a good ratin from me ....
oh n the snd fx were good too


good fight, but will you please make the next one with more than one toad being killed (like in 1 and2)?

Cool, I hope you continue with more.

This was pretty cool, all the movement fightings. I liked it. I just hope you make the rest of it. Man... they were kicking ass. Very enjoyable to watch. I hope you make MORE movies besides Power Star 3. The only thing is I'm not really a sprites fan.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5


That was awesome!!! One of the best fighting toons ever. The graphics and style was great, but the sound was average. It wasn't the actually sounds it was that annoying crackling whenever it got really loud. You can fix this by editing the sound in flash and making it quieter. Overall great job!

hay [[[SUN]]]

Since youre a friend and im sick of getting my reviews pm'd back to me by m-bot i'll review this sans cursing. <3

i liked: the lots of scene changes, the world reaction stuff like bricks being knocked out and liquid making waves....little details are cool, the commentary!

i didnt like: the gradients and smoke clouds and all the other stuff that wasnt pixely and stood out like a sore thumb, the speed....fights are boring when you have no idea whats going on, some of your customs dont look good or flow with other sprites making some fighting sequence look awkward...but they go too fast for me to be able to tell you which specific sprites those are, your poor spelling.


(ps. dont delete me you m-bot mod bastards! lawl i cursed)