Reviews for "BoMSearch"

i got annoyed :(

it was good for a while...

that was until i accidently closed the window and had to do almost every wordsearch again!

there should be a save button or something :(

BoMToons responds:

It should save the levels you unlock automatically.

Awesome game and super soothing

Fantastic game - the music is so incredibly soothing you can practically feel the stress leaving your body. Great for the office when you need a break to get your mind off the grind. A+ I hope you'll come up with more just like it - did I mention the music is awesome?


fun game, good job.

and midnightfire582, you dont know how to play a word search game?...

sound got 0 cause i dont have an speakers to know if there was music or not >_<


I liked it alot. The soothing(sp) music adds alot to it. It calms you down and helps you think a lot better. Nice job!


I love these games. They are my entertainment and I play them all the time. Loved it!!!